Curtain Calls!
X. European Registrars' Conference

at the Hofburg

The new association ARC – For a week in June,
2016, the Austrian Registrars Committee will be
the stronghold of the international museum and
exhibition scene in Vienna.

In Vienna, from 8 – 10 June, 2016, the 10th European Registrars’
Conference will be taking place at the Hofburg. The conference – at which
700 exhibition managers, curators and registrars from around the world
are expected – is a project of the new Austrian association
ARC – Austrian Registrars Committee.

The spirit and purpose of the conference, which takes place every two
years in another major city (last time in Helsinki, previously in Edinburgh,
Amsterdam and Basel) is to define the status quo of the international museum
and exhibition scene – and that, from a very practical approach.
Unlike curators, exhibition managers and registrars work mainly behind the
scenes of an exhibition; and, paradoxically, they’ve done their best job
when they’ve managed to remain invisible – a state of affairs the conference
would like to change. Communication on various levels and in numerous
languages with lenders, artists and commercial partners, questions
about preservation and presentation, exhibition design, complex transport
of artworks – or insurance concerns – these, and much more, are the challenging
duties in the broad spectrum job description of “Registrar.”

Conceived as a week-long congress, featuring stimulating lectures by high-level
Arts experts of all sorts, workshops and “campfire“ discussions, guided
walks through the city, evening receptions in the Museum of Fine Arts
and the Vienna City Hall and rounded out with an extensive program of outings,
the conference aims to create a vortex of know-how for the museum
and exhibition sector and provide a networking platform of exchange
among the numerous international professionals who dedicate themselves
to the promotion of great Art.