The European Registrars Conference is being held for the tenth time: Having taken place in Basel (2008), Amsterdam (2010), Edinburgh (2012) and Helsinki (2014), the conference in 2016 will be hosted by the justifiably proud city of Vienna!

By invitation from ARC – Austrian Registrars Committee – 700 international guests are expected: registrars, exhibition managers, curators, directors of collections, restorers as well as a panoply of partners from the areas of art transport, Fine Art insurance, the computerized handling of collections and exhibitions and the care and prophylaxis of collections.

The motto of this year’s conference is: OUT OF THE BOX!  This guiding theme, on the one hand, concerns itself with the latest, unconventional approaches and developments with regards to collections and exhibitions.  On the other hand, the motto urges each of us to take a discerning look at our job profile and what it means to all concerned. We invite all of you, who work behind the scenes at an exhibition, to step out from behind the curtain, step up and be noticed.

The conference will deal with four distinct categories:

1. ART and the LAW
•    Image rights and copyright (for example: taking photos in an exhibition)
•    A comparison of international loan agreements /varying legal cultures and philosophies
•    Loan conditions: ideal vs. real/costs and benefits
•    What’s possible and what’s not in regards to liability in the insuring and handing of artworks

•    Art Online: The Google Art Project
•    Cybercrime and data protection for digital exhibition and facility management
•    Retention and storage of digital media
•    Data banks – What’s next? (Asset Management)

3. I AM...
•    Registrar: a woman’s calling?
•    Career paths and perspectives for registrars and exhibition managers
•    The registrar‘s position weighed internally / externally as well as nationally / internationally
•    A comparison of training standards and possibilities

•    Ecological vs. conservational guidelines and materials and compatibility
•    Latest packing materials and strategies
•    Development of display standards: meter candle values or display cases
•    Transporting artworks – exploding costs!  How can I cut corners?

Written suggestions for 20-minute lectures in English indicating one of the above-mentioned topics should be submitted in papers of no more than 2000 characters to Speakers chosen will be contacted in January, 2016.

Deadline for the submission of topic suggestions incl. draft: 18 December, 2015

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